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Whatever your visual media project is, here at DOMC, we are fully committed to pairing you with the perfect soundtrack composer. Each of our composers has an impressive amount of musical knowledge and experience composing soundtracks for all sorts of visual media. Whether you're making a Flash game, a short film, or a TV commercial, we are confident we can provide you with the absolute best soundtrack composer around. Still not convinced? Have a free listen on the house!



Dream Orbit Music Corps has original compositions to download and license. Listen to samples in the player above or follow the links below to download your own copy:


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A word from our founder...

Jisun Hughes here, Maestro Chief Music Composer of Dream Orbit Music Corporation. Enjoy your time on here checking out what my fellow composers and I have to offer. We do several types of music for the various multimedia projects which includes but is not limited to flash games, rpg maker games, computer games, app games, short films, commercials, advertisements, and much more. Thanks!